Hugo Sluimer Accused of Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

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Dutch national and Domincan Republic public figure Hugo Sluimer, has been accused of participating in an alleged complex money laundering and tax evasion scheme, according to recently revealed court documents. Sluimer allegedly played a key role as an offshore lender in a scheme involving investments in Miami real estate through a network of offshore companies. The allegations suggest that Sluimer knew about the US offshore scheme, which he referred to as a “Clean Formula,” and worked with advisors known to be involved in cases of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

The accusations also implicate Antti Tapani Korpela, Chairman of Finnish company E-BROS, as being involved in the scheme. Together with his Finnish partners: Mikko Pakkanen, Mika Junnila, Ilpo Raiskila, Kaj Valve and Jukka Tapaninen, Sluimer reportedly established Blue Key Investments, LLC, among other companies, as part of a sophisticated network of offshore entities designed to divert US profits through offshore companies and avoid taxation. The scheme was allegedly triple-checked by advisors from ICS, who have been named in some of the world’s most sophisticated money laundering, fraud, corruption, and tax evasion court cases.

Sluimer allegedly lent the US company members their own money with pretend loans to rack up interest and then laundered the profits for himself and his Finnish partners out of the US through offshore companies tax-free. However, Sluimer’s involvement in the scheme became public after he allegedly boasted to his friends and family about his ownership of the US entities. He allegedly stated that if anyone found out that he is the offshore lender and an owner of the US companies, it would become a big problem.

Sluimers own emails confirm a scheme was in place:

A publicly available document on confirms that an offshore company named "RASUMUS INVESTMENT LIMITED" owned Blue Key Investments, LLC.  Surprisingly, this offshore company is register to the home address of Sluimer's Managers, Janne and Merjami Keskinen of Lake Worth, Florida.  

These allegations underscore the need for thorough due diligence when dealing with offshore companies. Those found to be involved in such schemes may face serious legal consequences, including criminal charges. Sluimer currently resides in the Dominican Republic and is involved in a real estate project in the Netherlands with his partner Rob Koster. The accusations against him could have far-reaching implications, both for Sluimer and for those implicated in the alleged scheme.

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